Our Technology - ETHOS AFP™

ETHOS Asset Facilitation PlatformTM (ETHOS AFPTM) is our multiple award-winning bespoke, real-time trade and post trade services platform providing continuous coverage and enabling clients worldwide to purchase from a diverse responsible asset inventory via a secure, web-based portal. The Application Programming Interface (API) functionality allows clients to connect directly from their core systems using web services and also provides true straight through processing for high volume clients operating in both wholesale and retail financial markets.

ETHOS AFPTM encompasses Shariah and business focused operational requirements across treasury, capital markets, asset management, client consumer banking portfolios and takaful. In addition to being approved, regularly reviewed and supported with a Fatwa issued by DDCAP’s own Shariah Supervisory Board, the platform has also been endorsed by other internationally recognised Shariah Scholars.

ETHOS AFPTM has been developed specifically to suit each client’s individual requirements, delivering an intuitive user interface and detailed reporting functionality, ensuring transactions can be booked efficiently and that post trade risks are mitigated. ETHOS AFPTM supports DDCAP’s commitment to incorporate Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) and financing principles alongside efficiency and governance requirements. We continue to make significant ongoing investment to ensure it remains at the forefront of technological advancements.  We have recently partnered with Refinitiv (formerly the Financial & Risk business division of Thomson Reuters) to provide a fully integrated treasury trading workflow for Shariah compliant transactions.