Connectivity & Straight Through Processing

Connectivity & Straight Through Processing (“STP”)


Multiple connectivity options are available for clients, driven by a combination of individual integration needs and transaction volume. Functionality ranges from direct trade processing via a web browser to a multiple trade upload facility.

Straight Through Processing (STP)

A number of bespoke application programming interfaces (API) and dedicated web services have been developed within ETHOS AFPTM for high-volume clients operating in both wholesale and retail financial markets, enabling their core systems to request information from ETHOS AFPTM.

This direct connectivity is controlled from a client’s system through an API and does not require manual intervention, providing true STP. This helps ensure operational and post-trade risks are further mitigated; the processing of transactions becomes seamlessly integrated with the client’s current trade flows and the enhanced transparency serves to demonstrate compliance with Shariah stipulations.

ETHOS AFPTM has been developed to offer both SOAP and RESTful web services, which makes the full suite of its application functionality available for STP. Test servers are readily available so that clients are able to quickly develop their connectivity using the web services. We have a highly experienced support team to guide clients through this process.

SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

ETHOS AFPTM has been developed to function seamlessly with the SSH File Transfer Protocol enabling trade files to be automatically transferred onto hosted SFTP servers for client systems to collect.

This added functionality accelerates the full transactional process from trade origination through input and execution and, thereafter, within the post trade operational environment.

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