Consumer Banking

Current & Savings Accounts (CASA), Retail Financing and Card Products

We have pioneered award-winning technology to revolutionise the processing of consumer finance transactions:

  • We provide asset facilitation to a large number of banks in the GCC and SE Asia in support of their CASA offering, enabling retail and corporate customers to invest in Sharia’a compliant products.
  • We assist high volume clients operating in both retail and wholesale markets to expedite consumer financing and credit card transactions through the multiple connectivity options, including bulk upload functionality and Straight Through Processing (STP), provided by ETHOS AFPTM.

A bespoke and dedicated web service application programming interface (API) for our high-volume clients operating in retail and consumer finance can also be provided, enabling their core systems to connect to ETHOS AFPTM. This direct connectivity is controlled from a client’s system through the API and does not require manual intervention, providing true STP.

Consumer Banking
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