The Istanbul Conference 2019 – 18th – 19th November 2019

DDCAP was pleased to be a sponsor of this well-attended and focused event.  The sessions honed in on issues relating to financial inclusion, diversity and ethical finance, and how each was interacting with Islamic finance. The day opened with a discussion of the importance of Halal trade and social markets whilst  DDCAP executive director David Testa was a panellist for the second session on ‘Islamic and participatory financiers’, in particular examining the extent to which the industry was differentiating itself from conventional banking and how best to develop the interaction between ethical and Islamic finance.  The challenge to Islamic banks on how to differentiate themselves from their conventional peers was developed in the third session, on the purpose of Islamic capital markets, whilst in later sessions there was pertinent analysis of some of the ‘challenger’ and ‘disrupter’ technologies, such as FinTech and blockchain applications, in particular during the panel discussion on the technological revolution facing global (not just Islamic) banking.  The day concluded with a session focused on the ‘New Frontier’, where increased social inclusion was stressed as an important target for the Islamic finance industry.

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