ISLAMICA 500 Award Ceremony – 18th February 2020

DDCAP’s Regional Director, Cassim Docrat, attended the Islamica 500 reception and award ceremony recognising the Top 50 leaders that have shown exceptional leadership in developing the Islamic economy. The reception was arranged by ISLAMICA 500 which has become the annual reference publication providing biographical details of 500 of the world’s most prominent and influential personalities in the Islamic economy. The ISLAMICA 500 is supported by the WIEF (World Islamic Economic Forum). The Top 50 Award was a special award from among the Islamica 500 recognising their exceptional leadership and contribution to the Islamic economy.

The Islamic economy, which encompasses almost one human being out of four, is one of the strong pillars of world economy.

Prof Laurent Marlière, Publisher of the ISLAMICA500 said “the Islamic Economy is in a transition phase. It is going from a pejorative impact generated by ill-intentioned political groups to align to a modern circular and digital economy’. Never in history, was the need to recognize its global leaders so important. We are living at a time of disruption. We witness radical socio-economic changes, trade wars, embargos, transformation of oil economies, dramatic new technologies, climate changes, epidemic viruses,… This changes the way to do business.”

The event gathered keynote leaders within the Islamic economy, active across banking, asset management, insurance, agro-business, travel & hospitality and fashion, honouring 50 of them for their contribution.

The 50 CEOs and executives were awarded for their innovation and persistence within the industry demonstrating “a lead by example” philosophy which serves to inspire the new generation of entrants as well as the existing and established players within the Islamic Economy.

Our Managing Director, Stella Cox, CBE was privileged to be amongst the Top 50 leaders honoured with this prestigious Award

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