Global Islamic Economy Summit (GIES), 30th and 31st October 2018

On 30th & 31st October, managing director Stella Cox CBE attended the 4th Global Islamic Economy Summit, held in Dubai and organised by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre.  Accompanied by executive director David Testa, as well as regional director Cassim Docrat and Kazi Hussain from DDCAP’s DIFC office, Stella attended a series of high-level workshops, keynote speeches and seminars featuring industry leaders from a variety of sectors illustrating the breadth and depth of the wider Islamic economy.   In addition to CEOs representing local Islamic financial institutions, senior executives also attended from sectors as diverse as tourism, fashion and the Islamic digital economy, with a particular focus on Fintech and ethical investment.   Official attendance was in excess of 3,000.

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