Future.now pledge – 10th October 2019

DDCAP Group™ attended the Future.now launch event at Mansion House on 10th October. Future.now is a coalition between government, the private sector and non-profit-making organizations to address the challenges of boosting digital skills in the UK.

DDCAP Group signed the Future.now pledge and by signing the pledge, we confirm our support for three main pledge areas:

  • Pledge 1: Build collective action: we confirm to collaborate and share existing resources and tools and to work together to develop new ideas. We will encourage new partners and tackle the most import digital skills challenges, support change and scale impact.
  • Pledge 2: Build our own capability: we will be ambitious about the digital skills of our workforce. We are committed to understanding the areas where we can improve, highlighting the benefits of safe digital use and skills, and providing opportunities for our employees to develop the essential digital skills for life and work.
  • Pledge 3: Build capability of others, we intent to motivate and support others to recognise the urgent need to improve their own digital skills and those of the people they work with.

DDCAP Group is proud to support the Future.now initiative and will seek to engage with other signatories and its own stakeholders to promote this initiative in the UK to address the urgent need to boost digital skills in order to help reduce the risk of isolation and low self-esteem due to the lack of these skill sets.

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