Women in Islamic Business and Finance Womani Awards 2019 – 17th June 2019

The women in Islamic Business and Finance WOMANi Awards 2019 took place in Dubai on 17th June 2019, with Cassim Docrat, Regional Director for DDCAP (DIFC) representing the DDCAP Group at the event. Stella Cox CBE was delighted to contribute a welcome address in her newly appointed role as patron-in-chief of WOMANi, having been ranked 1st on the listing in 2018.

DDCAP offers huge congratulations to all women recognised through Womani300, particularly to Datuk Noripah Kamso who ranked first amongst the most influential women in Islamic Business and Finance 2019. Our congratulations also to our own Head of Corporate Responsibility, Jennifer Schwalbenberg, who is ranked 94th for 2019.

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