DDCAP Limited sponsors the launch of the “Women in Islamic Finance & Islamic Economy: Unlocking Talent” Report

The following press release was posted by Thomson Reuters via Zawya on the launch of the Report:

The launch of Women in Islamic Finance & Islamic Economy: Unlocking Talent is the first Report from within the heart of the industry to shine a light on the women and men working towards gender balance.

The 2016 Report celebrates the vast accomplishments of women in the Islamic economy sectors including Islamic finance; whilst also examining the opportunities women offer to the industry, the role models both men and women who are inspiring new entrants and a look at how the Islamic economy sectors can work toward greater gender participation and equality.

Simply Sharia Human Capital (SSHC) will unveil the Report exclusively at the World Islamic Banking Conference (WIBC) next month, highlighting the insights, ideas and personal journeys of some of the most influential leaders of the industry. Women and men from diverse backgrounds, skills-sets, experience and segments of Islamic finance and the wider professional services have shared their knowledge and expertise through this Report, engaging issues, which are shaping the role of women including leadership pathways in the workplace, mentor-ship, financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, Shariah, fintech and much more.

UK firm, DDCAP Group, which recently launched a bespoke, real-time trade and post trade services platform, ETHOS Asset Facilitation Platform™ (ETHOS AFP™), is one of the leading champions of female talent development within the industry. Stella Cox, CBE, Managing Director, who has received a Lifetime Achievement Award of Excellence for Outstanding Contribution to Islamic Finance in the UK and is a contributor to the Report, said:

“There are a number of success stories showcasing women’s excellence in the Islamic financial industry worldwide. For example, to supplement the numerous instances of women now being elevated to senior executive positions, in Malaysia and Indonesia we are witnessing an ever increasing number of female Shariah scholars appointed to the Shariah Boards of banks and other financial institutions. The role of women in Islamic finance is increasingly apparent across front office, as well as in longer- established roles within Islamic financial firms’ supporting infrastructure. Furthermore, there are numerous examples of women who have been appointed partners and directors within professional advisory firms as a result of their expertise in Shariah compliant financial practice.”

Research suggests that women typically prefer to identify ethical ways of investing. Anum Siddiqi, Manager responsible for positioning of ETHOS AFP™ with DDCAP’s clients suggests:

“We see this endorsed by the growing number of Muslim investors who, increasingly, seek to integrate SRI principles within their Shariah compliant investment strategies. DDCAP is delighted to have recently launched a platform to meet that demand that has evolved from innovative financial technology and which we consider better supports the expanding requirements of our clients.

“Within the automated processes of the ETHOS Asset Facilitation Platform™ (“ETHOS AFP™”) we have enhanced our services to satisfy the positive screening considerations of the SRI industry in combination with the governance and regulatory directives that result from adherence to Shariah stipulation”

Pledging commitment to enable greater female participation in Islamic Finance, Dr Amat Taap Manshor, CEO of the Finance Accreditation Agency (FAA) in Malaysia said, “Today the labour market demands we look at a diverse workforce to ensure productivity, innovation and fairness. Here at the FAA, we understand in order to drive sustainability and long-term growth, the Islamic finance industry must look at its human capital needs and in doing so cannot overlook female talent. This report is yet another step in the right direction by Simply Shari’ah Human Capital in highlighting the importance of gender in Islamic finance and the wider Islamic sectors.”

Report lead, Nyra Mahmood of SSHC said : “This year’s Report is ultimately about talent – an untapped pool of talent, which will offer opportunities in the development, elevation and progress of Islamic finance and the wider Islamic economy. The economic participation of women at all levels across the industry, will only strengthen and complement the sectors and hubs where we look to thrive.”

Sponsored by the DDCAP, FAA, IRTI, MEGA & Gulf Ventures Corporations, the Report will be launched at the ‘Women’s Leadership ’ session at the World Islamic Banking Conference (WIBC), hosted by ME Global Advisors on December 7th 2016.


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