DDCAP Limited is pleased to announce that it has been accepted as a PRI Signatory

DDCAP Limited is pleased to announce that it was awarded “Principles for Responsible Investment” (PRI) Signatory status on 26th November 2016. This development demonstrates the commitment of DDCAP Limited to meet the growing demand from global investors to integrate “Socially Responsible Investment” (SRI) principles within their investment strategies. Together with the company’s membership of the “Responsible Finance Institute” (RFI), of which Stella Cox, CBE, Managing Director, DDCAP Limited, is a member of the Board of Trustees, this will broaden the company’s engagement with the wider SRI community.

PRI membership further demonstrates DDCAP’s willingness to engage with the increasingly important “Environmental, Social and Governance” ESG & SRI movement. The recent launch of DDCAP Limited’s  ETHOS Asset Facilitation Platform, which is a bespoke, real-time trade and post trade services platform, satisfies the positive screening requirements of SRI principals in combination with the governance and regulatory directives that result from adherence to Shariah stipulation.


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