DDCAP Group receives “Best Interbroker 2017” in the IFN Service Providers Awards.

DDCAP Group are delighted to receive the award for Best Interbroker in the IFN Service Providers Awards for 2017. We are pleased to share the following coverage which can be found with a full list of all award winners in IFN (Volume 14 Issue 44) published 1st November 2017.

In an exciting turn of events, DDCAP has finally regained the top spot as Best Islamic Interbroker from Malaysia’s Bursa Suq Al Sila — snatching back the crown they lost in 2015 after an unbroken winning streak since the poll’s inception. In 2017, the behemoth broker regained its throne.

 The win stands as testimony not only to DDCAP’s influence in the market, but to the success of its new Ethos Asset Facilitation Platform (ETHOS AFP), launched in October 2016.

 “Historically, one of the biggest issues with Shariah compliant transactions is that they are very cumbersome with a lot of paperwork involved. The ETHOS platform enables you to effectively arrange transactions in seconds while at the same time, full documentation is available ensuring you’re still adhering to Shariah stipulations,” explained Lawrence Oliver, a director and deputy CEO of DDCAP.

 ETHOS AFP accommodates specific trade and post-trade requirements relating to financial contracts within the Shariah compliant and responsible finance universe and employs stringent governance, risk management and compliance mechanisms — and this technological strength has given DDCAP the edge this year.

 “DDCAP Group is honored to be voted Best Interbroker in this year’s IFN Service Providers Poll,” said Stella Cox, the managing director of DDCAP. “Our effective personnel are dedicated to providing our customers with top-class intermediary service, which we have been doing since 1998. Additionally, we are told by our clients that ETHOS AFP … has significantly improved the efficiency of their transactional requirements. We see application for ETHOS AFP to our clients and partners across the Islamic financial markets. Therefore, we view this prestigious award as their vote of confidence in the interbrokerage offering that DDCAP and ETHOS have made to treasury and other Shariah compliant financial products and services. Having launched several, first-mover features during the past year, I am pleased to say there are still more that are currently in final development. We look forward to making some additional announcements in that regard in early 2018.”

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