DDCAP Group™ Managing Director, Stella Cox CBE, speaks at the recent roundtable convened by CISI with the theme of “Islamic Finance – the coming resurgence”.

CISI is sponsor of the Islamic Finance Qualification, popularly referred to as the IFQ and an established global leader amongst qualifications available to Islamic financial services industry practitioners (CISI.org/qualifications).

Stella’s presentation was focused on global trends within Islamic finance, where she gave specific consideration to the relevance of industry architecture and enabling initiatives to support its growth across borders. In terms of products and asset classes, Stella commented on initiatives within Sharia’a compliant global banking and new capital and fund market developments. She also offered observations on Islamic financial sector engagement with other financial market subsets that prioritise sustainable and responsible actions,  as well as definable and measurable positive social impact from investment.

During the course of Stella’s presentation Wayne Evans, Islamic financial sector lead at TheCityUK (TCUK),  briefed delegates on the status of the UK’s Islamic financial services industry and the UK’s contribution to it as leading global financial centre.

Continuing on from Stella’s closing remarks on the prospects for Islamic Fintech, Richard Hill of TCUK addressed attendees about the recently completed year of thematic work on Islamic Fintech jointly steered by TCUK and Borsa Istanbul. That programme was co-Chaired for the UK by David Testa, Director, DDCAP Group and Dr. Reception Bildik, Director, Borsa Istanbul. A report including case studies and insights may be accessed via TCUK (thecityuk.com).

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