DDCAP Group is an Executive Partner of the IFN Forum Turkey 2016 and launches Ethos Asset Facilitation Platform in Istanbul.

Following the successful launch of the Ethos Asset Facilitation Platform™ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, DDCAP Group was delighted to launch its Ethos Asset Facilitation Platform™ in Turkey.

Henry Desch, Senior Manager of Business Development at DDCAP, launched the “Ethos Asset Facilitation Platform ™ (“ETHOS AFP™”) in Turkey at the IFN Forum Turkey 2016 which was held at Borsa Istanbul.

In a luncheon address delivered by Mr. Desch to a large number of senior Islamic finance practitioners and leaders in the Islamic Finance Industry, he reiterated the many benefits of the multi award winning Sharia compliant financial technology.

DDCAP MD, Ms. Stella Cox CBE reflected on the processes and investments made to  facilitate the development of the platform stating that “ The platform has been developed to ensure that transactions can be booked efficiently and responsibly to ensure that all post trade risks are addressed and mitigated. Our clients can be assured that the platform can accommodate their specific trade and post trade requirements in all financial contracts within the Sharia’a compliant and responsible finance space.

The Forum was well attended with discussions centred on participation banks and the role of regulators in driving market growth in Turkey.

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