2020 Strategic Partnership Agreement announced between Cambridge IFA and DDCAP Group™

In a statement issued by Cambridge IFA, Professor Humayon Dar, Executive Chairman of Cambridge IFA and Director General of Cambridge Institute of Islamic Finance, announced that Cambridge IFA and DDCAP Group™ (DDCAP) would continue their joint efforts in respect of supporting, promoting and advocating Islamic banking and finance. The two British firms have been at the forefront of Islamic financial advocacy through cooperation on the projects like Cambridge Islamic Finance Leadership Programme (Cambridge IFLP), Global Islamic Finance Report (GIFR) and WOMANi Report and Awards. London-based DDCAP is a leading provider of asset facilitation services across a diverse range of Sharia’a-compliant products and instruments in both primary and secondary markets. In addition to its main business activities, it has earned fame due to its unwavering support for infrastructure building activities and projects in Islamic banking and finance.

For the last three years, Cambridge IFA and DDCAP have helped the Islamic finance industry achieve a number of strategic objectives in women empowerment, leadership development and in dissemination of authentic Islamic financial intelligence. The renewal of the partnership agreement will allow the two partners to continue their advocacy roles in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic that has paralyzed the global economy, including Islamic banking and finance. “Although Cambridge IFLP has become a casualty of the pandemic, our other activities will continue, although with a bit of lag,” said Professor Humayon Dar, Executive Chairman of Cambridge IFA. 

“Our next project is WOMANi Report 2020, which we are hoping to publish this summer,” said Khuram Shehzad, Head of Project Implementations at IFA. Stella Cox CBE, Managing Director of DDCAP, serves as Patron-in-Chief of WOMANi, a project containing an annual report and an awards ceremony celebrating success and contributions of leading women in Islamic business and finance.

The following statement was issued by DDCAP on the occasion.

“DDCAP Group™ is very pleased to announce the extension of its Strategic Partnership Agreement with Cambridge IFA. Collaboration within the Partnership includes the Cambridge Islamic Finance Leadership Programme (IFLP), wherein the DDCAP Group CIFLP Bursary is awarded to enable one individual from the Women in Islamic Business & Finance (WOMANi) annual list to attend the Cambridge-IFLP. These programmes, with a particular focus on diversity and awareness, are amongst those that have been built by Cambridge IFA and its associates to further Islamic financial practice and education worldwide. Themes of work already undertaken within the Strategic Partnership are aligned to DDCAP’s priorities to deliver against the targets of UN Sustainable Development Goals 4 (Quality Education), 5 (Gender Equality) & 17 (Partnerships). DDCAP greatly looks forward to having the opportunity to work with Cambridge IFA to build upon them in the coming year.”

About Cambridge IFA

Cambridge IFA is a financial services intelligence house that specialises in developing and utilising powerful cutting-edge analytical tools to evaluate business data, assess macroeconomic indicators and understand market trends, leadership positioning and brand development relevant to the development of the financial services industry globally. The principal activity of Cambridge IFA is developing performance indicators specific to alternative practices of banking and finance. It also aims to provide strategic advice to governments, financial institutions and multilateral organisations in the development of financial markets including alternative banking and finance products, procedures, practices and policies.

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